2019 Hair Color Trends

If you want to change how you look, then this article is for you.
The year is not over, and celebrity stylists and influencers on Instagram are already inspiring new hair colors trends that will dominate in 2019. Don’t be left out, we have compiled a list of 2019 hair color trends you can try out if you are ready for change; this hairstyles are awesome and will make you look really good.

1. Toned-Down Brown Hair

This style was observed on Anne Hathaway, she paired her fair skin with a cool color featuring a sable and coffee colored brown. Kattia Solano, the founder of Butterfly Studio Salon in New York, describes this as being romantic and classic. According to Kattia, the style gave her skin tone a more porcelain finish.

2. Rose Gold Hair (with a twist)

The rose gold hair is always trending; however, the updated version of this style comes with a little twist. According to a colorist at Cutler Salon in New York, Rebekah Nash, the twist in this ever popular style adds a new spin with subtle copper undertones. Rebekah described Iskra Lawrence’s main hair change early this year as a “darker, more natural version” of the updated version of the rose gold hair.

3. Copper Hair

Don’t confuse this style with brassy. According to Rebekah Nash, the new copper color on SZA looks amazing on both fair and dark complexions. Nash expressed how happy she is with the hairstyle. “With this pop of color against her warm brown skin, her face glows,” says Nash.

4. Sombré Hair

Ombré hairstyles have always been subtle from the beginning. From Nash prediction, since animal prints are becoming more popular, people will be more interested in hairstyles that will fit perfectly when they walk on the wild side. This hairstyle features a combination of dark and medium color hues. Following Ashley Tisdale updated version of ombré, your outfit and other features will shine.

5. Maple Hair

This style is suitable for brunettes. According to Nash, the hair color of Issa Rae combines violet and orange tones and reflects perfectly on darker, warmer skin tone.

6. Burgundy Hair

Fans on Pinterest are always interested in deep red tones like the oxblood-colored locks on Megan Mullally. This autumnal color features brighter hues and rich shades that will make your appearance stunning.

7. Honey Hair

With more and more celebrities going blonde, the perfect transition from summer fun to fall flair is Saoirse Ronan’s honey-hued hair.

8. Pops of Gold Hair

Make your looks stunning by adding gold tones to your fair to ensure your fall months are warm, this technique is suitable for individuals with darker complexions. “Warm tones with golden highlights are perfect. However, do not add too much red tone or warmth so you don’t wash out the natural glow of your skin,” says Solano.

9. Cool Ash Hair

This hairstyle is quite deeper than grey. If you are skeptic about silver strands or you don’t want to embrace silver strands completely, a suitable option to go for is this ash blonde Jane Fonda used in the 2018 Oscars.

10. Beige Hair

This light, soft shade of blonde has a little variation that makes it unique. This effect is more dramatic if it is similar to your skin tone as seen with Nicole Kidman.

11. Softly Contrasting Hair

Marion Cotillard has inspired others to change how they look following her transformation from brunette to blonde. But why is her style unique? Is she the only lady on blonde? Simple, her soft brow roots and still-dark brows made her switch unique. Not only is the intentional contrast pretty, but it is also convenient because it will make her hair grow out without much commitment to maintenance. James Corbett, Clairol Color Director, recommend you “ask your colorist to put a darker semi-permanent color at the roots while leaving the face frame and the ends lighter, allowing for purposeful root” if you want to try this style out.

12. Margarine Hair

With the large number of platinum blondes trying to maintain a cool-toned hair, seeing a yellowy blonde appearing so remarkable is refreshing. Claire Danes’ shades stand out because it is buttery and not brassy. Use Winsome & Wisdom #BlondeMonent Shampoo to maintain a happy color.

13. Balayage and Babylights Hair

Chrissie Plisky, a colorist in Los Angeles, combines two highlighting techniques (balayage and babylights) to produce a bright, stunning dimension. This style looks like Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle. She also included a rooty look so her customers “can put it on much longer without the need of getting it touched up often.”

14. Ashy Blonde

You are free to give this any name you please, but Emilia Clarke’s blondish-gray hybrid hairstyle color is unique and remarkable. This modern hairstyle featuring black roots adds life to your looks.

15. Lightly Toasted Hair

This polished, natural looking shade on Charlize Theron is perfectly balanced. It is light without washing out her skin, dimensional without appearing overly highlighted, and it is warm and rich without being brassy.

16. Snow White Hair

Interested in the platinum plunge, then it’s time to consider preventative hair care. Elizabeth Hiserodt, a colorist at Cutler Salon, told Teen Vogue that “if hair is previously highlighted or colored with bleach, ensure you do a deep treatment at least one week before your process.”

17. Dainty Babylights Hair

These delicate highlights were introduced in 2015, and it is becoming more popular at the moment. According to Johnathan Breitung, owner of Johnathan Breitung Saong and Luxury Spa in Chicago, “this style is quite similar to balayage and ombre techniques, but more subtle shades of blonde are placed in the hair to give a soft, natural appearance.”

18. Nude Hair

The Nude hairstyle is all about balance. Meri Kate O’Connor, a senior colorist and educator at Eva Scrivo Salons in New York said “There is an even combination of warm and cool tones, canceling each other out to create a neutral color.” There are also suitable and beautiful on all skin tones. According to O’Connor, neutral colors are popular because are very easy to wear.

19. Snowlights Hair

This hairstyle scatters shimmering pieces of pale blonde like snow across the top of your head. If you desire your fall hair to have a sparking lift, you can try this style out. To bring out the snowlight highlights, use Khlorane Sun Lightening Spray with Chamomile and Honey.

20. Strobed Hair

Strobing is a famous makeup technique that highlights the spotlight would hit naturally, this technique has also gained popularity in hair realm. According to Moon’s explanation, “Hair Strobing is an individualized highlighting that is specific to one’s hair color, the face shape, and skin tone.” Tell your hair stylist to customize your highlights following your specific features if you want a hairstyle that will make you glow positively.