Cool Balayage Hairstyles You Should Check Out

Balayage is a hair highlighting technique in which the dye is applied in a special way to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. This hair coloring technique has been trending in the hair realm, you will understand why people love using this technique after viewing the most beautiful and cool balayage hairstyles we’ve compiled for you in this article. Balayage creates a perfect blend of two different shades meting one color into the other. Below are some cool balayage hairstyles you should check out.

Caramel to Light Blonde Tousled Style

This stunning long hair cascades down toward the shoulder length, with a striking ruffled finish to create an amazing silhouette which is great for day to night style that’s difficult to resist. It starts with a warm caramel shade and ends with a striking light blonde creating a touch of sunlight or sunkissed effect. The blend in this style is just amazing.

Golden Blonde Long Bob with Curled Ends- Balayage Lob Hairstyle

This gorgeous hairstyle is below the shoulder length with an inch or two. The parting in the center of this wonderful long bob created a lovely symmetrical look you just gave to adore. Applying the balayage technique, this striking hairstyle blends together a selection of gorgeous blonde shades, creating a remarkable end result.

Light Brown to Blonde Long Bob- Suitable for shoulder length hair

This beautiful long bob falls down to the shoulder, creating an amazing long bob that’s hard to resist. Her hairstyle blends perfectly from a striking brown shade through and ends with the most exciting light blonde, touching a shade of caramel gently in the center. She did a pretty long curls all through the ends for a stunning finish.

Dark to Light Blonde Romantic Curls

This balayage blend is something to adore, the style is so pretty and is one of the best in this balayage hairstyle collection. It starts at the top with a warm shade of blond and blends into a stunning light blonde at the hair end. For a stunning finish, you can work the hair locks into romantic ringlets all through for a beautiful look.

Dark to Light Blonde Wavy Bob – Layered Balayage Hairstyle for short hair

This amazing choppy bob ends around her shoulder length, with a gorgeous symmetrical look due to the parting in the center. The hairstyle blends perfectly from a dark blonde to a shiny light blonde that extends gently to the end, with waves added for a remarkable finish.

Dark and Light Brown Hairstyle with Barrel Curls

This lady’s hair is hard to resist; she is blessed with an amazing hair that’s very dark. Her hair falls down to the bottom of her back, it begins with a deep and glossy shade of black at the hair roots, and blended all through with a beautiful light brown color, adding lift and light to the hair ends, which have been perfectly curled.

Dark to Light Brown Romantic Ringlets

This gorgeous style parted at the center really got our attention. It starts with a shiny and gorgeous shade of deep brown at the roots and blends effortlessly into a stunning light brown at the ends of the hair, giving a perfect blend of beautiful colors you won’t want to get your eyes off. The end result of this style features romantic ringlets distributed all through the hair.

Dark Brown to Light Brown Balayage

This pretty woman has the most gorgeous long locks cascading down her back towards her waist. This stunning hairstyle begins with a deep and dark brown shade in a glossy color and ends with a striking light brown highlights all through her hair ends creating a lovely lift and light to the hairstyle.

Brown and Copper Tousled Waves- Suitable for long hair

This simply striking glossy style is one of our favorite balayage hairstyle, falling down her back in waves. This style begins with a shiny and stunning deep and dark brown blending with a shade of copper all through; thus, adding lift and light to the hair. She tousled and curled the hair for a perfect finish.

Brown to Blonde Balayage Guide

Before diving into different cool balayage hairstyle you should try out, we want to introduce you to this glorious balayage color chart showing a brown shade blending into different blonde colors. Each of these styles looks beautiful and completely natural despite the contrast between the caramel shade and the lightest blonde. You can apply this techniques depending on your personal preference.

Brown and Golden Blonde Barrel Curls – Suitable for Wavy Curly Hair

This beautiful hairstyle features big barrel curls all through, leaving a statement. It begins with a rich brown and it completely full of striking golden highlights, adding a stunning light and lift all through. These lovely large curl is a good fit for movie stars – offering an amazing and beautiful finish that will blow your mind.

Brown to Honey Blonde with Loose Waves

This gorgeous long bob with choppy edges all through the hair ends falls around the shoulder level, giving this look a fantastic end result. The style has a pretty light brown at the roots which dissolves into a warm honey blonde using the balayage highlighting technique. The wavy features of this style is just amazing, it gives the hair style a fantastic finish.
So that’s out collection of cool balayage hairstyles you should check out. So which color would you blend to create your own beautiful balayage look? Please, share with us.