Fresh Hair Color Ideas

Having a new look is the perfect way to blend with a new season, and changing your hair color can give you that stunning look you desire. So If you are stuck on ideas on the type of hair color to try out, or you want something new, then read on; we’ve got you covered with these fresh hair color ideas that will help you reinvent yourself.

1. Bronde

This style will fit perfectly on anybody, so don’t be scared to try it out. Bronde features an exceptional combination of brown and blonde appearance.


Despite the stress you might experience in getting this style done, you will be thrilled at your appearance once you are through. This hair color is stunning, but it is really difficult to maintain.

3. Tiger Eye

This amazing look combines shades like amber, soft brown and honey painted with a balayage technique. According to George Papabikolas, a Matrix-Style Link celebrity colorist, anyone wearing this shade will certainly feel confident. Besides looking beautiful, it is so subtle when growing out; thus, you don’t need to bother about harsh roots as well as high maintenance.

4. Blondz

This style features a combination of bronze and blonde. According to a celebrity stylist for Matrix Style Link, Nick Stenson, “on dark hair, this is great for dimension and riches.”

5. Driftwood lights

This stunning look allows dark brunettes to add a little lightness to their appearance. The driftwood lights feature a touch of golden color that will make your looks catchy.

6. Golden Ombré

An ombré hair color is a gradual blend from one color at the top of your head to another toward the bottom. This hair color is still famous; you need to change your hair color gradually from the crown of your head to the blonde ends if you want this ombré appearance to be successful.

7. Burnt Orange

If you want to look like a princess, then try the burnt orange. This incredibly part red, part orange color will not only make you look beautiful, but it will also give you an attractive style.

8. Jewel Tones

If you want to be the center of attraction when you go out, then try the jewel tone. According to George, this multi-tone appearance is bold and is not that intense as the ultra-vibrant punk colors. To achieve a subtle and perfectly blended look, use the Matrix Color Sync Watercolor hair dyes.

9. Marshmallow

Another hair color trend to try out is the marshmallow; this sparkling, light-reflecting hair color will transform your looks. The marshmallow hair color is a perfect combination of white, gray and blonde hair; however, this hair color requires a lot of maintenance.

10. Chocolate Mauve

This hair color is also one of the prominent hues you can try if you want to change your appearance. This stunning multifaceted brunette tone which combines brown and light pink will transform your looks. According to George, it is an excellent way brunettes can have a modern take on highlights.

11. Strawberry Rose

You should try the strawberry rose if you want to try something out with red hues with little or no commitment to upkeep required by most crimson color.

12. Salt and Pepper

This is another hair color trend you can try out for a new look. Salt and pepper is color mix that blends your natural hair color with gray.

13. Ultraviolet

This is one of the latest hair color trends; no hair color can match the shine, longevity, quality, and pigmentation of the ultraviolet hair color. This Pantone’s hair color of the year is something you should try If you need something new.

14. Baby Blonde

The baby blonde features a light and soft shade, a perfect contrast for your dark winter clothes. This trending style will give you a stunning look.

15. Nude Hair

This hair color is something to try out if you are interested in making a subtle statement. The nude hair is an all-natural and soft look aimed at complementing your skin tone.